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  • .   Are you sick and tired of your shirt gaping at the bust?
  • .   Are you sick of using pins and extra buttons that make you look tacky?
  • .   Are you embarrassed for other women who are oblivious to their bust being exposed?
  • .   Are you tired of popping and losing buttons?
  • .   Are you failing to nail your presentation all because you are so conscious of your exposed bust?
  • .   Do you suddenly feel socially awkward because your shirt keeps exposing your bust?
  • .   Are you tired of boxy shirts that make you look like a man?


Every woman I asked said “YES!!! Can you do something about it?”


GapEnder is the home of the fitted button-down shirt that is truly unmatched. We created the shirt that has permanently closed that pesky gape at the bust and women are loving it!. Yay!


You now have total control over your assets, like no other button-down shirt gives you.


We place a premium on quality and source the highest quality fabrics from around the world.


Painstakingly, we developed and crafted the GapEnder Shirt for a tailored, fitted and flattering fit, while blocking the gape.



Our Mission
We started GapEnder because we believe a woman should get from the button-down shirt what she expects - coverage, and feel how she expects to feel - confident and respected. We women love our shirts fitted, not boxy like men’s. When a woman wears a button-down shirt, she’s up to something serious, professional….. you get the drift. No time for that downer distraction - the nasty gape.
We want to empower a woman to feel confident, relaxed and focused. Hence, we took the gape out of the equation. 

How Cool Is This!


The GapEnder shirt is unlike any shirt you have ever worn.  In fact, this shirt is unique and fascinating because buttoned or not, your chest is covered - ironclad. You get a very respectable fit, perfect for business, business casual and casual looks. Wear it buttoned or unbuttoned. Yes, you can!
You will feel ten feet tall in a GapEnder Shirt because you will be confident your bust is fully covered. Never worry again about indecent exposure at the bust. You can even do jumping jacks or cartwheels in it. Yup! Our shirt puts you in firm control of your bust.
Thank you for stopping by and for sharing this innovative shirt women the world over have been waiting for. 
GapEnder, giving you total control over your assets!