Tips for working moms




Juggling responsibilities between work life and home life can be daunting to say the least. Here are some tips for working moms on how to deal with the enormous balance of work/family responsibilities.



Tips for Working Moms



#1 Learn how to say no.

Your time is VALUABLE. You don’t have time to do everything and that’s okay. No one does. It’s okay to say no. Can’t volunteer for that thing for your kids? No need to feel guilty. Set your priorities. Your kids need a healthy happy YOU above anything else.

#2 Limit time on your phone.

The web and social media can suck up a whole lot of time when you don’t even realize it. Try limiting time on your phone by placing it out of your reach. Likely, you’ll notice the habit many of us have, of automatically picking up our phones when there’s a down moment. This can help bring into awareness how often you are reaching for it, and how many short 15-minute scrolls are wasting your day away.

#3 Focus your energy.

Are you a brilliant multi-tasker? That’s great, but if you can focus on one thing at a time you will get more accomplished. Prioritize your tasks and instead of splitting your time by jumping from one task to another, complete a task and then move on. You’re more likely to feel a sense of accomplishment that way.



#4 Communicate.

Tell your employers, partners, spouses, coworkers and family members what you need. If there are conflicts of times at work, be open and honest with your boss. Ask if you can complete some projects from home. Ask if you can stay late one day to leave early another day to attend your child’s important activity. Split running errands with your spouse and communicate what you need from them. You weren’t meant to do everything alone. Someone in your life can help whether a family, friend or coworker. Lean on them.

#5 Delegate.  

Following communicating is the need to delegate. This isn’t all on you. If you have a partner, make sure to have them help. If the kids are old enough to pitch in, give them some tasks. Get help from colleagues at work instead of trying to take on huge projects on your own. Working and raising a family takes a COMMUNITY.


#6 Prepare and get organized. Working mom tips

Organize everything for the next morning the night before. Have you ever heard that successful people start out their day a certain way? Low stress, positive mornings help shape your entire day. Don’t run around frazzled. The kids’ clothes can be laid out the night before so you aren’t starting each morning with a fight on what is acceptable to wear. Create meal calendars for the week so you aren’t stressing about what’s for dinner when driving home from work. Make your days easier by being prepared.

#7 Set attainable goals.

A brilliant mindset coach once told me that at the beginning of the day you should list the minimum things you want to accomplish and the maximum things you want to accomplish. I found this exercise so helpful because I realized I almost always met the minimum goals and should be proud of those accomplishments, instead of being disappointed that I couldn’t reach the maximum goals. Life can sometimes seem like you aren’t accomplishing ANYTHING and so creating these two lists will show you, you ARE accomplishing a lot! You just aren’t giving yourself credit for it because you somehow always think you should be completing too much.



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