Button down shirts can be casual or professional; they can be serious or fun. Here are 7 button down shirt outfit ideas for both casual and professional wear:


Professional Button Down Shirt Outfit Ideas

button down shirt outfit


Add a Vest. A button down shirt with a vest adds a chic vibe to your button down shirt.




button down outfit professionalPair it with a Pencil Skirt or Slacks. Keep your look professional by tucking your button down shirt into a pencil skirt or slacks.




Jewelry with button down shirts for womenAdd Chunky Jewelry. Chunky jewelry is in style right now, but not the clunky jewelry of the past. From geometric shapes, layered necklaces, or tassel jewelry, you can dress up your button down shirt outfit with sleek style.






Casual Button Down Shirt Outfit Ideas


Checked button down shirt outfit


Choose checks. Checks, ginghams and plaids are in this season. Pair a checked button down shirt with a cute skirt or form fitting shorts or pants.



Pair it with shorts. For a casual look, dress your button up shirt down with shorts.yellow button down shirt outfit with shorts




Choose color. Colors like yellows and reds will make your button down shirt stand out from the rest.




Button down shirt outfit with a leather skirtGive it some edge. Button down shirts don’t have to be stiff or overly composed. Pairing them with fun, edgy pieces like short skate skirts or leather skirts will add an unexpected twist to a button down shirt outfit.







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