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Button up shirts are a staple for any woman’s closet and it’s hard to go wrong with something so simple. But if just adding a blazer isn’t doing it for you anymore, there are a ton of ways to dress up or dress down a button up shirt for an easy professional look or classy street style. These 9 style ideas will give a new way to wear a button up every day of the week.


How To Wear Button Up Shirts




Keep Your Shirt Tucked In

 Tucking in your shirt is an easy way to add interest to your button up shirt outfit.

 how to wear button up shirts

        1. The Basic Full Tuck  

          A full tuck into the tops of your jeans or dress pants might sound restrictive, but whether worn with or without a belt, tucking in your shirt can turn your basic-button up into a striking outfit for work.

           2. Half-Tucked, Fully Dressed

             If a full tuck feels like too much, join the growing number of people rocking a half tuck button-up for effortless Parisian Chic.

              3. Tuck In The Front

               A front tuck is a little more daring and not only looks streetwise, it can slim your figure and create a fast casual work outfit.


              Twists, Knots, and Rolls

               On those days when tucking just doesn’t make the cut, it’s easy to experiment with changing the form of your button-up to create a new look.

                4. Roll up those sleeves

                  Rolling your shirt sleeves to the elbows shows off those beautiful forearms and can help loosen a style on more casual days.

                    5. Tie up the front how to wear button up shirts knotted

                      Tying the front of your shirt into a knot creates a sexy, fitted look and can be paired with skirts or high-waisted jeans to easily change the form of a regular button up.

                        6. Wrap-Around

                          If buttoning your shirt up takes too much time, skip it completely and wrap your shirt ballet-top style and utilize your tucking skills to keep everything in place.


                          Mix and Match

                          Accessories can make or break an outfit. Choosing the right way to mix up your button up shirt will add instant class to your day-to-day wear.

                            7. Sweaters and Vests
                              Adding a sweater over the top of your shirt will soften the look, or if you’re going for a more professional feel, a belted vest with a fitted white button up adds instant chic.
                                8. Layer a ScarfHow to wear button up shirts button up shirt outfits

                                  Whether you’re tying it New York style or just draping it around your neck, a scarf can add interest to even the plainest of button up shirts. 

                                    9. Try a pop of color

                                      It’s easy to forget that button ups come in every color of the rainbow. Try a dark red shirt with light jeans, or a two-tone button-up for a pop-art burst of color and style.



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